We are a custom rug and carpet manufacturer with a Showroom and Factory Store, located in our factory in Hendersonville, North Carolina. We have been manufacturing here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina since the 1940’s. Our Factory Store was opened in 1973. Over these many years, we have made rugs for some of the most famous people and buildings in the world. We have also made rugs for people and buildings that were not famous. In either situation, our mission has been and will always be, “Use the best materials and make the best rug or carpet that can be made”.

Our second goal is; “To make… making a custom rug simple for the client”. We realize everyone is busy, whether you are an interior designer, business person or an individual. Our goal is to remove as much stress and do our best to reduce your time in having your project made by us. Our customer service and design staff is very skilled in assisting you and making sure you get exactly what you expect. We have built our reputation on these principals. This is why we are in business, Making rugs in America today and why we have been entrusted with some of the most time and quality sensitive projects in the world, such as the White House project we completed in 2008.

Our “on site” Dye House is one of our greatest assets. This allows us to control our lead time and color match for samples and production. Most of our rugs are made through interior designers or others that require especially close color matching. Even though we have 120 standard wool colors and 31 sisal colors, we also custom dye, when required. By having our own Dye House, we can help a client get a project they may be in competition for, by expediting a sample or the project. Many manufacturers have to rely on a commercial dye house to dye their yarns and are subject to their schedule, color match and quality. We buy and dye the best yarns in the world, Virgin New Zealand Wool, Mulberry Silk and Sisal.

We make all types of rugs, from very primitive Early American to very sophisticated etched or carved multilevel plush rugs or extremely complex needlepoint rugs in a low tight loop construction. In 1987 we began to manufacture the floor carpets for private and corporate aircraft. In 1989, MRM was purchased by Schneller, Inc., a worldwide supplier of interior products to the aircraft industry. At that time, we began to manufacture the logo designed bulkhead and kick panel coverings for commercial airlines. We worked with DuPont to pioneer the dyeing and manufacturing process for the Nomex fiber used for these products. After Schneller sold MRM to the Morgan family, we manufactured for the aircraft industry under private label until 2010. We are now using our own label for these products.