We make rugs and carpets for four distinctly different end users, which are residential, commercial, aviation and yachts. Some of the products we make cross over into one of the other industries. Residential and commercial industries share quite a few of the same products as do aviation and yachts. However, each of these has their own unique differences. In working within these different markets over the years, we understand these differences and have developed products and procedures that support each of them.

Most of the products we make can be used in the residential market. The one product that would not be practical for use in a residential application is commercial aviation tapestries. The products that are practical are: Hand Hooked, Braided, Machine Tufted and Hand Overtufted.

All the products we make are used in commercial applications, except our braided rugs. These are used in some hospitality situations, such as Inns, but are not widely used commercially.

Aviation is comprised of two distinct markets, Commercial and Non Commercial.

Commercial Aviation:  We manufacture soft coverings for vertical surfaces, such as bulkhead tapestries, (that are sometimes logo tapestries) and kick panel carpets. The material we use to make these products are Nomex. This is a specialty fiber that will meet the very stringent flame and toxicity test standards required by the commercial aviation industry. We also use a different latex for this same reason.

Non Commercial Aviation: We manufacture for OEM companies that manufacture corporate and private aircraft. We also manufacture for the refurbishment market, which services existing aircraft with replacement carpets. This market is the most demanding for short production lead times. This is due, in part, to trying to get corporate aircraft back in service as soon as possible. We understand this, and have a Quick Ship program to support this aspect of the refurbishment market.  We understand how important it is to meet the tight time requirements. We also understand the smaller space of an aircraft and the different designs required to work well within that space.

This market is very similar to the residential market. It is also very similar, sometimes in the size aspect, to the non commercial aviation industry. Some of the smaller scale designs work equally as well between the two industries. We also use our aircraft latex for the back coating of the carpets we make for this industry, even though the flame and toxicity standards are not as stringent.