Braided rugs have been enjoyed for hundreds of years or more.replicas omega From the earliest colonial time in America, they have provided warmth, comfort and design for replica watches the home.

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Braided rugs have been enjoyed for hundreds of years or more. From the earliest colonial time in America,replicas audemars piguet they have provided warmth, comfort and design for the home. MRM has been making beautiful braided rugs since the 1940’s. The difference between our company and most, if not all other braided rug manufacturers, is the customization of our rugs. We made a Ulysse Nardin Replica decision back in the mid 1970’s to make only the very best in a braided rug. We chose to use 100% Virgin New Zealand Wool for the design yarn, instead of any other fiber mix or blend. We also decided to allow any of our colors to be used to custom design a client’s rug and…to custom dye colors, if we did not have the exact color. As you browse through our selection of rugs and samples, you will notice from the many different shapes and designs that we have bridged the gap between traditional and contemporary with our unique borders, fields, shapes and vibrant, replicas breitlingbold colors.


For many years, we had requests for a cloth braided rug. After considerable research, in 1995, we decided to have this rug made for us and to continue to focus on the yarn rugs we produce instead of diversifying into cloth rugs.replicas iwc We chose a cottage industry that was already proficient in making a handmade cloth braided rug, in the quality we would demand of ourselves. We call this program “Pisgah”, and only offer it in one pattern, using wool cloth and specify a minimum wool content of 80%. This is a beautiful rug and our pattern, BB100, will work with almost any décor. This rug is hand braided and replica watches hand laced together with a nylon cord. It is the only rug we sell that we do not make ourselves. We stock an inventory of these rugs in both oval, round and continuous rectangle shapes in various sizes. We also have them manufactured to custom sizes. Production time depends entirely upon size.replicas panerai
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For more details on how simple it is to have a custom made braided rug, please view our video, “How It’s Made”.